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What is AMP?

AMP provides law enforcement a way to take location data from Google, T-Mobile, AT&T, Snapchat, Facebook and other providers and visualize it in a way to make your investigation come to life. 

Instead of trying to convert time zones and plot single points on a map, AMP takes your investigative data from electronic service providers and converts it to an industry standard mapping format. Your data can then be easily viewed inside of programs like Google Earth Pro (free) where you can animate and view the timeline of activity. Not only that, you stay completely in control of your data and do NOT need to upload the data to any servers. All the work is done on your local secure machine.

AMP does this…..for free. 

Essentially, AMP takes fuzzy spreadsheets from electronic service providers that make you cross-eyed

and turns it into this:


Click here for secure access to AMP software.