Pinged – Mobile App for iOS

Automate the visualization of live phone pings while searching for missing persons or fugitives all in the palm of your hand. Pinged lets you receive notifications when new pings come in or when a device comes online. Share the pings with your team to zero in on your target in realtime.

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AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon send you a response to a ping request and it includes a latitude and longitude. You go to the location to search or dispatch provides it to officers to check the area.

Nothing is found.


The latitude and longitude by themselves are not the location of the device. This is commonly the location of the cell tower. You have to map the accuracy or radius value!

The accuracy (or radius) value is a number that represents a distance in meters from the GPS coordinates that identifies an area the device is believed to be in.

The smaller the accuracy value, the more precise the reporting of the device’s location will be.

Badge Apps has created a phone ping mapping tool that will let you visualize the radius around a phone ping to define your search area. As the pings arrive from the cellular provider, input the latitude, longitude and accuracy radius into the mapping tool to see them on a map.

If you have a single ping, your search area will be inside the red radius:

To reduce the search area, use multiple pings to triangulate the location of the device. If you have multiple pings in an area over a short period of time, the likely location of the device is where the radii overlap.

Click here for secure access to download Pinged and view the User Guide

Don’t need fancy automation with the Pinged app? Try our manual web map for tracking your pings the old fashioned way: