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What does an online threat of school violence, a classified ad in a fraud investigation or a VOIP (Voice-Over-IP) phone number used to commit an offense all have in common? IP (Internet Protocol) addresses can all be used to investigate and identify your suspect in those cases.

It doesn’t matter what type of offense you investigate, at some point you will need to understand how IP addresses are used on the internet and mobile devices and how you can step through an investigation to identify your suspect.

IP addresses are connected to multiple sources of data that can show up in your investigations:

  • Email addresses
  • Mobile device apps
  • Website visits and account creations
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Classified Ad Accounts (Ebay, OfferUp, Craigs List, etc)
  • VOIP (Voice-Over-IP) telephone numbers

We will take an interactive look at walking through investigations from start to finish and understanding each step of the investigative process.   We will look at numerous types of offenses and how IP data can be used to investigate them.

Students will finish the class with a solid understanding of how IP addresses work on the internet, how they can be used to investigate crimes and feel competent through the completion of practical scenarios in using these new tools with their agency.

In addition, students will be shown examples of legal process needed to follow the clues developed in their IP investigations.

Who is this class for?

Law enforcement employees to include detectives, sworn officers, supervisors and prosecutors can benefit from this training.

What skills do I need?

Basic Microsoft Office types of skills in Windows are all that are needed to be successful with these types of investigations.