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While call detail records have helped investigations in the past by showing cellular towers accessed by a device, new trends have emerged to obtain more precise location information for your investigations. Police location data now comes from many sources including:

  • Google Geofence
  • Google Accounts
  • Location approximation from cellular companies
  • Snapchat

The location data comes in a raw format that can be confusing to understand. This class will provide hands-on training in new tools that allow you to visualize location data without being a technical expert. This class will go through different cases studies using various sources of location data to become proficient in tracking a cellular device.

In addition, new techniques such as Google Geofence warrants will be covered from the initial obtaining of the information with a search warrant to the mapping of the data.

Who is this class for?

These mapping techniques and Google Geofence warrants have been used on cold case murders, robbery, burglary and fraud offenses where you have no known suspect or a person of interest. Law enforcement employees to include detectives, crime analysts and sworn officers can benefit from this training.

What skills do I need?

Basic Microsoft Office types of skills in Windows are all that are needed to be successful with these new types of location data and training.